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Lamb & Holmes Solicitors have been providing expert legal advice for over 200 years. 

Our Private Client Department is located across both our Kettering and Corby offices. We also work with our clients who are based in Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire, Rutland and Lincolnshire areas. 

We are experienced in reviewing Wills including amendments. Our team of Will writing experts are available to offer advice on any amendments you wish to make. There are different ways to amend your Will. Our Will writing professionals will discuss these options with you. 

We understand that if you have a Will in place then from time to time changes may be needed to your Will to reflect any changes that have happened since your Will was originally written. 

There are many reasons why you may need to update your Will including:

  • Your marital status changes i.e. you are divorced or in the process of being. 
  • You have remarried
  • You have a child or children, including adopted ones
  • You have moved home
  • A guardian, executor, trustee or beneficiary  has moved away, died or no longer can or wants to fulfil the role
  • There is a substantial change to your property value meaning that your liability for tax increases
  • Your children are no longer minors (under 18) and shown they can manage their own financial matters if they inherit a large sum of money
  • You have forgotten somebody you would now like to mention
  • You would like to leave a gift to charity.

We suggest you review your Will every couple of years just to make sure your loved ones are protected. Most of the time, you won’t need to make any changes. However, if you do, we can help you make the necessary changes quickly and simply.

Codicil to a Will

If you need to make minor changes to your Will, remove a gift, remove, or appoint executors or change an address then a Codicil is another way to update an existing Will. A codicil is a legal document which allows you to make changes to a previously written Will. When making a codicil, the same legal requirements must be followed.  It must be signed by you in the presence of two witnesses and not revoke your existing Will.

If you need to make a few changes, especially if they are in relation to how your estate is divided, then we recommend you do a new Will.

Our team of professionals are available to speak to and will always provide you with the best option dependant on the amendments that are required. 

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“I have used Lamb & Holmes twice. I have found all persons to be helpful, experienced, efficient and friendly. Have recommended Lamb & Holmes to others who now use your services.”

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"We were very impressed by Linda Brooks who made home visits which helped the family considerably. Health issues made visiting your office difficult".

Mr Litchfield


“Mrs Linda Brooks who has dealt with the estate of the late Alice Marden has been most friendly and professional. My aunt spoke highly of her. I am sorry that we did not meet however, we had numerous calls, and she sounds a warm, lively person with a great sense of humour. All the legal work required seems to have been accomplished efficiently and I am grateful that she made it all very ‘user-friendly’. I would like to thank her for all her work and the support she has given. Thank you, Linda"

M Maisey

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