Why is Notarisation important...

International finance transactions and company and personal documents for use abroad often require the documentation to be notarised or notarised and legalised. Here are some examples of documents which would require notarisation:

  • Authenticating and certifying signatures and documents for use overseas.
  • Drafting legal documents for use overseas.
  • The legalisation of documents – a document may be executed and notarised in this country for use abroad (e.g. Power of Attorney, Affidavit or Declaration or property sale or purchase).  The act of legalisation authenticates the Notary’s endorsement.
  • Witnessing the signing of an affidavit or a statutory declaration.
  • Protesting and noting a bill of exchange or promissory note.
  • Witnessing or carrying out drawings or other operations relating to foreign bonds and debenture stock.
  • Ship sale and purchase transactions.
  • Arranging for the translation of documents into and out of English.
  • Authenticating and providing a secure record of almost any sort of transaction, document or event.

Foreign counsel or Notary can be requested to settle the wording of particular documentation for use abroad to ensure it is accepted in the country and region where it is to be used and give guidance as to the need for legalisation.

It is extremely important to establish if a document needs to be notarised as failure to do so may result in the document being invalid or unenforceable (or both).  

Mr Edward Lamb and Mr Michael Reed from Lamb & Holmes Solicitors are registered Notaries and are the only Notaries in the Kettering area. If you require a Notary or wish to find out more information please visit http://www.lambandholmes.com/private-client-services/notary-public  or alternatively please contact our Kettering office on 01536 513195.

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